Whether you have technical drawings, a sketch on a napkin, a folder full of pictures, or just an idea in you mind, Eric Sheffield will work with you to develop a complete design that meets your specific needs and desires.

All our work is fully custom.  We will not try to fit your project into some preexisting, cookie-cutter template.  Our cabinets, furniture, and millwork are designed to meet your unique specifications.  This means that there is no need for filler strips or unwanted moldings to hide gaps between our casework and your architectural space.   

We make cabinets of the traditional American “face-frame” design.  We also make cabinets of the European “full access” design.  If you need cabinets that are a hybrid of the two designs, we make those too.  Where your cabinets meet walls and floors, we design a “scribe”, which will be cut on-site to perfectly match the irregularities of your walls and floors.  (There may be such a thing as a perfectly flat and plumb wall or level floor, but I haven’t seen it yet.)

Solid wood is a natural material, which changes its dimensions across the grain with changes in humidity.  Plywood is a man-made material, which is essentially dimensionally stable.  In designing any project involving solid wood, it is essential to understand how the wood will be moving and to accommodate for the movement.  The forces involved can by quite amazing (an old technique for splitting stone involved soaking wooden wedges).  Time-tested techniques, such as the traditional five-piece floating-panel door, have evolved to allow for the inevitable movement of solid wood.  Any design which does not take into account dimensional changes of solid wood will eventually result in splits or the self-destruction of the piece.

At Eric Sheffield & Co. we make all of our own moldings, doors, and drawers as well as apply our own finishes.  What this means for you is that there are virtually no limitations on the dimensions, wood species, and finishes available for your project.  When the others tell you, “It can’t be done” -- ask us.  We like a challenge.

We specialize in designs that fully integrate all necessary appliances, components, and fixtures.  Whether you want these items to stand out, fit in, or simply disappear, we can design your project to make it happen.

We have more that three decades of award-winning design and construction experience. You can be assured that not only will your project look great, and function reliably, its design and construction will meet the test of time. 

The only thing pre-determined about your design is the quality.  We will listen to you.


“My goal is to translate your dreams into wood… so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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