At Eric Sheffield & Co. we use the highest quality materials.

We use only select hardwoods and cabinet-grade, veneer-core plywood.  We never use particleboard, masonite, medium density fiberboard (MDF), melamine, or other compressed composite materials that tend to expand greatly if they come into contact with water.

Our hardware and fixtures are selected from among the best available from North America and Europe.  Finishes, whether they be enamel, stain, glaze, varnish, or oil, are of the best quality and most time-tested available.  All our finishes are renewable so that the lifetime of the project is not limited by the lifetime of the surface finish.

Our casework is constructed with ¾” cabinet-grade hardwood plywood, sides, bottom, top and shelves.  Unlike most other manufacturers, we also use ¾” plywood for the full back of wall-hung cabinets.  Not only does this eliminate the all too common problem of cabinets coming off walls, or separating from their backs, it allows for elegant and virtually invisible attachment of the cabinet to any type wall.

With a custom-made project, designed to last a lifetime and more, it just doesn’t make sense to use materials that are second best.


“My goal is to translate your dreams into wood… so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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